What If You Could Easily Shift Your Face to Face Fitness Business Online So That You Could Serve More Clients Without Working More Hours?

Are you CURRENTLY FEELING OVERWHELMED, STRESSED, or forgetting why you started your business?

Is managing your business from your phone making you question your work/life boundaries, stretching you to your limits while balancing being a business owner, wife and mum?
What if there was an easier way to transition your business model to help you work less and help more clients?

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“I just want to go to the shops and purchase something without looking at the price tag..” -

“I don’t remember the last time I went on a holiday with my family.”

“I know I can help more people, I just don’t know how.”

“I feel so overwhelmed, I wish I had a clear vision for my business. I see so many other businesses doing this with ease and I wonder what I’m doing wrong.”

You know it’s possible.

You’ve seen other fitness businesses that are operating completely online - they are sharing their class times, their class attendance members, and even their income.

You’ve seen the screenshots of the full Zoom rooms, while you’re still struggling to pay the bills.

You wish you had screenshots of your clients results that they would happily share.

You wish you could proudly talk about your business at the next social gathering instead of being asked about your little hobby.

You’re craving quality time with your family doing what you love instead of constantly working, hovering over your phone watching for notifications, or feeling like you just can’t switch off. 

‘Within 2 hours of being told our fitness business was to close I had moved online. I’ve had past clients return, current clients increase their membership, trials sign up and a flow of results and testimonials stream in. Plus I’ve increased my income and it’s the highest it’s ever been’ Emma

You feel like you’ve tried everything to nail this fitness business - from haphazardly posting on social media and crossing your fingers.

You’re overwhelmed and tired from trying to do it all - there are just so many different strategies to focus on, while being a wife AND a mum - it gets to be too much.

You’d love to feel organized and know that your business systems were running themselves on autopilot, so that you could show up and do what you love.

You may have felt like you’ve tried everything and don’t know where else to turn...

But luckily, there is a solution….


 For just $27, I’m sharing my exact strategies to transition your face to face fitness business into the online world so that you can start teaching booked out classes virtually, helping more clients while bringing balance back to your personal life.

How it would feel to look back, one month from now, and ...be working less hours whilst helping more people..

What would it look like to turn the page of your day planner and smile knowing that you are living your ideal week and you have the freedom to do what you want when you want.  

Can you picture going to bed with a sense of peace knowing that all the bills are paid and you have money flowing in consistently.



You wake up every morning excited because you are actually living your ideal day. You have direction and know what you need to do to move forward. You’ll confidently say YES to things that bring you joy - and HELL NO to things that suck up your energy and time.


You’re no longer looking at your phone constantly and always thinking about business. You are present and at peace knowing that your business is growing and your clients are loving what you have to offer. 


You feel so good knowing that you have the freedom to do what you want when you want, to do more of the things you love with your family knowing that your business is moving in the right direction.


With an arsenal of tools and techniques you now have consistent cash flow and create momentum toward your goals. Now your income is not limited by location!! You have a whole new world to explore.


Your fitness business is meant to be rewarding and provide happiness. You started in this industry to help people and it isn’t meant to be stressful and hard. It’s  the place where you help clients achieve their goals( that puts a smile on your face) plus you want to be rewarded for the time and effort you put in. You can stop running around stressed and find peace. 

It’s not a secret. Fitness business isn’t meant to be stressful and hard where you work hard for little return.  They aren’t meant to keep you awake in the middle of the night worrying. They aren’t meant to take quality time from your family. No. When you have the right structure and systems they provide safety, security and freedom for your family whilst helping your dream client achieve their results. It’s a win win.

Get INSTANT access to The Move Online Method for only $27 USD



  • Detailed video training and worksheets on how to move your face to face business online within hours. YES it really is this simple!!
  • What tech and systems you need so you can deliver all your sessions online.. Don’t worry! I’ve included a video, too!
  • How to structure your membership so you can get a consistent income each week
  • FAQ’s of the most common questions.
  • Different options you have available to combine your face to face business with online. 
  • These simple foundations will support you on your journey to online so you can create a fitness business you love.

Plus Bonuses!

Bonus #1 What Makes You Stand Out From Other Trainers

 Now this is super important given that loads of trainers are jumping on the bandwagon. This training will help you uncover what makes you unique so you never have to compete on price. 

Bonus #3 How To Create Your Dream Week

This simple technique will help you design your ideal week so you are living your best life and doing all the things you love.

Bonus #5 Case Studies of Amazing Women Who Have Already Moved Online  and How You Can Learn From Them. 

Why reinvent the wheel? Learn from some of the best women in fitness who have transitioned from Face 2 Face to online within hours PLUS grew their fitness business to record numbers.

Bonus #2  Zoom Bundle

What you need to know about how to run your sessions successfully on Zoom whether that you choose live or evergreen. 

Bonus #4  Launch Check List

Step by step breakdown of what you need to cover to ensure that your move from face to face to online flows.

BUY The Move Online Method NOW! $27 USD

We made the very quick pivot from 100% outdoors to 100% indoors over night. We had past members return who loved what we offered but just couldn’t attend outdoors anymore. We had members increase their memberships, in-fact 15 transitioned from 2 sessions a week to unlimited , which took us to 72 members now joining us daily in sessions. We had new members join us who have since said we offer far more than any gym they’ve ever been apart of. It’s been my time to shine, to grow and to be the best training facility around. As much as we don’t see each other in person, our group are accountable and are seeing huge results with what we’ve provided them.



  • I’ve helped 100’s women grow their fitness business to $10k+/$20k/$30k/$40k/$50k+ each month.
  • I’m a mum; I get what it takes to juggle business and family life. I use these exact tools myself.
  • I’ve been in the fitness industry for over 21+ years and owned my own outdoor group fitness business and personal training studio.
  • I’m not JUST an optimistic chick helping women in fitness. I’ve got a Bachelor Degree in Applied Science, taught Certificate 3 and 4 in Fitness, wrote a Diploma and Advanced Diploma for a fitness college, trained in NLP, hypnosis as well as a Spiral Practitioner and mindset coach.. I’ve also been helping ladies like you, since 2008. 
  • I’ve helped many women in fitness create their dream fitness business. I’ve worked with group fitness, small group fitness, personal trainers, personal training studios, boutique studios, yoga and online trainers. I’ve seen what works for everyone and know which tips and strategies need-not-apply.
  • It’s not perfection but I'm living proof that it's 100% possible to create the kind of life you desire and find happiness in it all. I get to travel to Bali lots, attend school events and schedule business around my family commitments and the things I love to do plus I don't work weekends.  Sure, I have challenging days but most days, I am content, confident, and in awe of the magical life I’ve built. And.., I want you to have that too!

I've just done $30k in 30 days!!!!


Hey! I’m Kellie

Wind back the clock 21+ years ago when I started in the fitness industry things have changed dramatically. 

I’ve been in most roles. Personal trainer, gym instructor, membership consultant, gym manager, group fitness business owner, personal training studio owner, taught Certificate 3 and 4 and business to up and coming fitness professionals, wrote a Diploma and Advanced Diploma for Fitness Business. 

When I started my own fitness business, it was stressful. Yes, I was a great trainer however I didn’t get taught any business skills. It was sink or swim. 

I just wanted someone to tell me what to do to grow  so I didn’t burn out. I used to think that I was the only one that was possibly going through the challenges I was experiencing. 

Turned out that wasn’t the case. After hiring business coaches, mindset experts, marketing guru’s and action I built multiple successful fitness businesses. From there it was a natural transition to helping up and coming trainers grow their business as no one was focusing on fitness. 

That was back in 2008. Add 2 children into the mix today where I get to help women in fitness fast track their business success with the proven strategies which saves them so much time. 

I love showing women how they can also live in a state of abundance where they get to say YES to holidays. Yes to the children. Yes to more of the things they love to do with balance and flow. 

I want to see you thrive, living a great life by helping people change their health and fitness.

Here’s what my clients say...

You’ve been instrumental in changing  my life. You have helped me go from $200 per week to $3000 per week and given me the freedom to walk away from a toxic job and be able to live my dream everyday. Thank you so much Kellie! 


Hit 184 members and attendance of 1054 for the week all since I moved online.


I am so excited...I have gone through my income for this financial year and with 3 weeks to go I have already cracked 6 figures! I officially own a 6 figure business!!!


One of my goals was to hit $3k per week and in the last 30 days we have reach $13,900


The Way I See It You Have A Few Options. 

Do Absolutely Nothing

Everything you do and don’t do is a lesson to learn from.

  • If you are wanting to stay in the same place you are now.
  • Know that you will be able to work it out for yourself eventually.


  • If you want to scour the internet to play around with what works
  • If you want to spend time hunched over your laptop trying to put together a plan then test it using trial-and-error methods
  • If you don’t have a clear timeline in mind and you’re happy to cruise along, working really hard and putting in extra hours

But if you’re already overwhelmed with little time you still have another option....

Let Me Show the Way and Hold Your Hand Through the Majority of the Work

I’ve already done this! My clients have already done this  And I’ve been implementing these strategies for 20+ years!

  • If you know, deep down, that you want to go online and you’re ready to take that next step in your business.
  • If you are no longer willing to accept staying where you are and want something different and you are ready to take responsibility to change

Then all you need to do is open The Move Online Method, print off the resources and start watching the trainings, implement what you learn, and then truly enjoy the fitness business you build.

Ask yourself - what is best for me? 

What is best for your family? 

What’s best to fully share your gifts and serve those you want to help?

I know you’re going to love 

The Move Online Method

but if you’re not 100% satisfied then neither am I!

My purpose with The Move Online Method is to serve women in fitness business, like you and me! I’m here to help you build the foundations for your ideal business. However, I totally get the risk you may feel when deciding to invest in a digital product.

That’s why I’ve built this at such an affordable, no-brainer price.

You work hard and you want to feel it's worth what you paid.

I’m extremely proud of the products I create and I know anyone who buys them and implements the tools will see a tenfold in return on investment. 

That’s why I’m offering a 7 day money back guarantee. While I can’t guarantee that The Moving Online Method will magically solve your problems overnight (I wish!), I can guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of this program and the time and stress it will save you while creating your online fitness business.

Go through the materials and take action.  Of course, if in 7 days  you don’t feel like The Move Online Method was worth $27, I will refund your money. Sound good?

What exactly am I getting?

For less than the price of what you’d pay to take a friend out for lunch, you’re going to get instant access to my brand new program, the Moving Online Method  that walks you through the exact steps you need to move your current face to face fitness business to an online platform so you can help them from anywhere in the world.

This program has previously only been offered to my highest level private clients (who paid thousands of dollars for access to that information).

I’ll walk you step-by-step through my Move Online Method, which takes you through my entire process.

You’ll also receive the entire bonus package to help you design a fitness business you love.. 


Total Value: $1495

Today’s Price: $27 USD

When you click the button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you can enter in your payment information directly.

Not sure how long we will make this available for. You don’t want to miss this. 


This Sounds Magical. I have a few questions.

Ask Away. Common Q&As

Do I have to pay $27 every month? 
No! This is a one-time amount of $27 and you have access to the content for life - including any updates to the program.

Do I need to download or use any special software? 
Nope! The content is all hosted online

When and how do I access the course?
You can access the course immediately. You’ll receive an email within 15 minutes (usually even sooner) giving you access to your member portal and have access for life. High five for starting!

How do I know this works?
These are the exact steps that my clients went through to go from face to face to online within hours. They also grew their business to record numbers.

What if I can’t do this on my own?
I offer a group coaching program a few times a year called Hello More. Members of that program love being able to connect with me personally. For more information email support@ptbusinesssuccess.com

How much time is required? 
How much time you spend going through the curriculum is 100% up to you! Each lesson is 10 minutes or less to help you get through everything faster - with the greatest impact!

When you say online does it go into how to create digital products and memberships?
NO!! The Move Online Method teaches you how to move your face to face business online. So if you were doing personal training, large group sessions, small group sessions, yoga then this will be for you. I show you how to run those sessions online. 

One more thing…

Make no mistake about it. You owe it to yourself to build a fitness business that lights you up and that you are proud of. 

 You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  

The only thing standing between you and having the fitness business you desire is The Move Online Method. When you learn The Move Online Method you are accessing a simple plan for moving your face to face business online. You’ll fill your days with more magic and meaning. 

 Gain all of this for just $27 USD Includes bonuses!

You can have the fitness business you desire!